Corie Feiner - From Plymouth Rock to Standing Rock

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Corie Feiner is the 2011 Poet Laureate of Bucks County, and the author of Radishes into Roses and Who Was Born at Home? She is an international performance poet and slam champion with an MFA from NYU. She loves local farms, commuter biking, and cultivating community. /


From Plymouth Rock to Standing Rock

Every day is a day of thanks, bend
and whisper to the orange fleshed squash,
Welcome, like the Wampanoag welcomed
us to Plymouth Rock and taught us
to harvest blueberries and beach plums,
hunt for wild turkeys and geese,
make nets out of woven reeds,
and plant corn, squash, and beans
together and call them sister.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

I have boiled down the cranberries
into gel, I have ground the corn
between two sacred stones.

I have lifted the fresh water
to my lips and chanted,
Water is not a weapon.

I have closed my bank account
and I have stood at the entrance
to the Backwater Bridge,
and I have shaken the small pox
from the borrowed wool blanket,

and I have built a monument
in a mason jar,
and I have said enough to the dirt
that is starting to die,

and the river told me yesterday
that treaties are not made to be broken
and that the mountain that is filled with gold
belongs to no one,

and that water is not made
to purposely freeze our fingers
to the bone, and that pipes
are made to be passed
in peace circles.

What will happen if we stand long enough?
The president has pardoned the turkey,
but not the Sioux.
Reparations are long overdue.
Standing Rock, I stand with you.





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