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From Askultura’s 4th album coming out Fall 2016!

Music Video for Miami, FL band Askultura ‘In Water We Trust - Mni Wiconi (#noDAPL)' featuring Peruvian band Kuyayky and Pedro ‘el criollito’ Erazo of NYC band Gogol Bordello.

#noDAPL! Mni Wiconi - Water is Life

For carnal good times & more infos www.askultura.com or on the fbs facebook.com/askuaskultura "set sails in high seas!"

Find Kuyayky online! www.kuyayky.com on fb: facebook.com/kuyaykymusic

Pedro “el criollito” dropping tremendous knowledge on this track. He says “Big ups familia”

The footage covers several water-related urgencies around the world:

1. The #noDAPL/Mni Wiconi movement up on The Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota. Energy Transfer Equity/Dakota Access, LLC is attempting to build this and other pipelines subsidized by many of the biggest banks in the world. Politicians, mainstream media, national guard, state troopers, police are “business as usual” and ignoring/jailing the will of the people. Pull your accounts from these banks - do what you can.
2. The Cochabamba Water War of ’99/’00 in Cochabamba, Bolivia. US-based Bechtel Corp (disguised as Aguas de Tunari and backed by the pigs in the World Bank) raised water prices in their attempt to privatize the city’s municipal water supply. Public uprisings, largely organized by the Coordinadora in Defense of Water and Life, marched, battled police, and ultimately led to the expulsion of Aguas del Tunari and the repealing of Law 2029.
3. Led by Maxima Acuña, a movement stood strong against against US-based Newmont Mining Corporation/Yanacocha mining consortium (with backing from…yep, the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation) in Cajamarca, Peru. The gold mining causes toxic mine drainage and cyanide-laced water. Opposition has been met with violence and corrupt court rulings in favor of the corporations attempting to evict the people off their land. ‘Because I defend my lakes, they want to take my life.’ -Maxima Acuña

Mucho-maxi love to The Gonzalez boys at The Bull Productions, Kuyayky & the Hurtado-Bonilla Family, Pedro "el criollito" Erazo, Cris Rodriguez up in Brooklyn, and our brother Dan Marcus.

Extrapilamaye-grazie to The Porcupine Singers, Northern Cree, EZLN, The Wiwang Wacipi Sundance Families, and every single one around the world who have put their bodies & spirits on the line for water from Cochabamba to Cajamarca to the Cannonball River!



Cochambamba water capitol of Bolivia
Aguas de Tunari Italian mambo dynasty
come dance now in the floods of follia
in the waters of life is the evolution of me

crack open a hydrant there's a party in the streets
i don't want you rights like i don't want your police
my mother our earth is hurting silent tears she cries
the literal and figurative well’s not empty yet but it's looking dry

fuggedabout your rights
ignite your life

mni wiconi under my feet
sacred water of my Momma run thru bad mans streets
i let no privateers put an end to my fun
them too join in my evolution

would if they knew it be good for them — and me and you
100 monkeys gathered i can feel the tipping point comin on soon
look inside see that light within?
you don't need no ringleader to tell ya that you're free every single moment of your time

con ruido de león hoy to digo ya basta
hoy abro mis alas de condor y retomo mi libertas
hoy como nunca me despierto de la pesadilla
y abandono las cuerdas
esas cuerdas que me atan

chaymi chay runa
imarayku qollqeqa ñawpaqta kawsanchismanta?
manam munanichu
paqariypaq kawsayniyki, khunan ruwasqayki
(such is man
why place money before life?
this is not what I want
the cause of your future will be your present)

international styling unification is the key

el underground hoy se levanta para gritar ya basta
grande es su maquina y su gente nos aplasta
nuestro sacrificio siempre les llena la panza
y no descansa la esperanza en que algún día
reine el equilibrio y acabar con ese delirio
de diferencia de razas superioridades o de cualquier dominio
llenemos de cualidades
pensemos con ingenio
hagamos hermandades
sin imponer imperio

love and respect for each and everyone
Kuyayky & Askultura coming rougher as one
united we stand to mother earth we belong
no more policeman no more machine gun
big brother attacking imposing his oppression
wants to drill our land to make a water corporation
raids, depression, upbringing deportation
embracing the underground is the only solution

nothing belongs to us in governments we do not trust
the water it finds rust our bodies they find the dust

we want nothing to do with this no anarcho-communists
no liberation-theory marxists nor happy capitalists

in the western hemisphere can we live without interfere
from european politricks and religions of the hypocrites?

turtle island time to rise up maka'takiya pachamamma,
nothing belongs to us it’s in the water that I trust

el pueblo unido jamas será vencido
un pueblo cosiente nunca mas será asiente

"it's in water that I trust"


from Sacred Ground (Benefit for Standing Rock Sioux Reservation #NoDAPL), released October 6, 2016
Recorded & Mixed - Sammy & Andrew Gonzalez
The Bull Productions Recording Studio, Miami, FL

Pdrito vocal track recorded - Cristopher Rodriguez
Creepy Bird Studio, Bed-Stuy, NY

Mastering - Carli Beguerie
Mastering Boutique, NY, NY




#nodapl North Dakota

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