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At this moment, the Water Protectors at Standing Rock need our help more than ever. You’ve probably heard of the eviction notice given to the Standing Rock Sioux and their supporters by the Army Corps of Engineers on November 25, which threatens to escalate the already-criminal level of State Violence being used against the peaceful protestors at Oceti Sakowin camp beginning December 5th.

This song is a call to action. Please do any of the following as your capacity allows:
- Go to Standing Rock, ND (do your research, prepare for freezing cold, bring supplies to donate, etc.)
- Call the White House, the Army Corps of Engineers, as well as any senators or congressmen who claim to represent you and let them know you stand with Standing Rock and demand an immediate end to the construction of the DAPL. Also let them know that you condemn all efforts to further criminalize the water protectors. (see link below)
- Donate to the legal fee or the camps. (see link below)
- Continue to educate yourself and others about this resistance and other struggles going on all over the country against State Violence, and over basic needs such as water.
- Pray (in your own way) for the Water Protectors, for the water, for the movement, for all life. Wherever you are can be a sacred fire.


This song, “Kylo,” comes out of my personal contact with some of the Native elders and youth who have been among the practical leaders of the resistance against the DAPL, and particularly with Kylo Prince, Ojibwe/Dakota spiritual leader, who the song is named after. The voice you hear speaking in the song is his – the audio samples come from an interview he gave to Brett Jelinek, correspondent for the People’s Tribune, who was one of my travel companions to Standing Rock in October 2016. (Both Kylo and Brett gave me permission to use these samples.)

The Native peoples of this country are more than just the most historically dispossessed section of society. They are, collectively, a voice of spiritual guidance – a voice to heed in these times, when all of life on Earth may depend on our ability to win the hearts and minds of the American people to the cause of creating a new-old society, based on spirituality and goodness, where cooperation with and between all life is the guiding principle.

May the Water Protectors of Standing Rock triumph, and may our children live in a world where all have clean water!

(All my relatives)



Kylo says the time has come
white and red unite as one
i know some say the kingdom
he says 7th generation
Kylo says the time has come
when all races unite as one
i know some say it’s the kingdom
well he says the 7th generation

Kylo smiles when he talks about the prophecies,
Around the fire, at Standing Rock in October, he said
it’s about life now, we’re on God’s side, making offerings, (yea)
so, it’s about time now, that the tribes unite, that’s the final piece,
that’s the last barrier holdin us back
and their first weapon in their line of attack
and the strategy they always use is just that
tactic divide and conquer pitting white against black,
feedin people on steady diet of fear
and hatred enough to wage a genocide still here
and still the Sioux forgive,
they know uniting is the only way we’ll live
they call it the 8th fire, yea, the last one,
the human race, ah, we’re healing our past,
joinin the sacred council of the nations,
bringing back the garden in this 7 generation


Kylo says the Fire is lit
The Rainbow Tribe will carry it
Some say that’s New Age bullshit
but he says make no mistake of it

Fools Crow did pray for it
Black Elk spoke the same before him
Sitting Bull died for his kin
and now his kids are calling us in

Kylo says the time has come
when all races unite as one
i know some say it’s the kingdom
well he says the 7th generation


from Sacred Ground (Benefit for Standing Rock Sioux Reservation #NoDAPL), released October 6, 2016
all songwriting, vocals, instruments & production by Adam G :-)




#nodapl North Dakota

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